Welcome to Miracles Happen Recovery Residence, Inc.

Our primary goal is to help residents focus on recovery as a way of life. Miracles Happens Recovery Residence affords the individual time to develop the necessary skills to build a rich and full life. Abstinence is just the beginning. Healthy and continuous sobriety requires many significant changes. In this atmosphere of love and acceptance, the disease of addiction begins to lose its grip on your life. Freedom and a feeling of wholeness begin to transform your perception of yourself, and in leaving Miracles Happens Recovery Residence you'll know a feeling that your life has new purpose.

We lovingly break through the barriers which keep you feeling alone and isolated. You will begin to develop the tools necessary to help begin your own journey through recovery and life. Our experience shows men grow profoundly in this atmosphere.

There are many people with the disease of addiction, and there are not enough safe environments in which they may recover, resulting in sometimes fatal circumstances. Our goal is to provide safe housing for all who need it, with the comforts of home, and a feeling of close-knit peer support.

We wish to help men overcome their obsession with drugs and alcohol and return to society as productive members, being able to help themselves as well as others. Please contact us for more information.