House Rules

  1. Alcohol and other mood altering drugs are not allowed! You will be drug screened from time to time. Refusal to take a drug test will be treated as a positive test.
  2. Physical violence, threats or weapons are not permitted and will result in immediate discharge and possible prosecution.
  3. Any act of theft or possession of drugs on Miracles Happen premises by a House member is immediate grounds for discharge. NO RETURN POSSIBLE!
  4. House members are expected to attend at least one meeting or class per day. House members must attend ALL house meetings. If you are not attending meetings, you are not attempting to recover and you will be discharged.
  5. Clothing that promotes sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, or profanity is not allowed.
  6. House members are expected to keep the Miracles Happen facilities clean and the yards neat. Beds and personal items are to be kept clean and neat. Everyone will help with house chores. Failure to do so can result in dismissal. LET'S TAKE PRIDE IN THE MIRACLES HAPPEN RECOVERY RESIDENCE !
  7. House members are expected to work 40 hours a week. If you do not have a job, you are expected to be searching for one 40 hours a week.
  8. Entry Fee is $650.00 Program Fee is $175.00 per week. This includes housing, food, utilities, programming fees and basic household supplies. Fees may change without notice.
  9. Medical expenses are NOT provided.
  10. There are curfews for all residents which are discussed in detail in Resident Handbook. All times will follow most restrictive curfew whether house rules or Parole/Probation.
  11. No family contact for the first 15 days a client is in the program.
  12. A home visit is allowed after completing Phase I of  Miracles Happen Program, provided it is approved by the community, staff and / or director and all program fees are current.
  13. You are encouraged not to start a new relationship during your first year of recovery. If you choose not to follow this suggestion and it hinders your recovery and takes you away from the community, you may be discharged.
  14. As a member of Miracles Happen House you are a member of a tight knit brotherhood of recovery. Never forget that your actions reflect on Miracles Happen and your brothers in recovery; always conduct yourself with honor, integrity, and love.
  15. No Smoking, Vaping or Tobacco use inside any Miracles Happen facility, Designated Smoking Areas are provided outside.
  16. No Gambling or Pornography allowed on property.
  17. Destruction of Miracles Happen property, whether intentional or not is grounds for dismissal.
  18. No Resident may have a female guest inside facility at anytime.
  19. No unauthorized prescription medications allowed. All medications must be kept locked in office and dispensed by STAFF unless prior approval has been given for resident to hold them. Failure to comply means automatic dismissal. All medications are to be discussed prior to admission.
  20. Disciplinary action for non-compliance to the afore mentioned or heretofore approved rules will include, but will not be limited to: extra chores, house restrictions, and/or dismissal from the program. Probation/Parole will be contacted upon serious rule infractions or dismissal from program.